Experience Counts

Working for corporates and running small businesses since the early 90’s, it’s fair to say that I’ve been through the ups and downs of a few economic cycles, and had my fair share of setbacks along the way.

But I’ve also had some incredible high points too; Turning under performing retail stores around; Working in high stakes International Gaming rooms; Top performer awards in the Insurance and Motor Trade Industries, and build several businesses to multi-million-dollar turnovers in the Financial Services Sector and Independent Contracting Services.

Journey to becoming a Professional Coach?

yet Over the years, just like so many other business owners, I’ve engaged numerous Business Development Specialists with the view to exploring new ways that could evolve my businesses to the next level.

But could they Really help me?

Unfortunately, almost every consultant I spoke with fell into one of these categories;

  • They often had little or even zero practical experience in running a business, and lacked real understanding as to the practical issues, stresses and struggles I was facing.

  • I wore all the RISK and COST to have their input, and they were unwilling to offer any real guarantee with their services.

  • Their solution was typically just a cookie-cutter program, with a monthly fee that often exceeded what I was actually paying myself.

Now here’s the kicker… They were more interested in locking me down into a long term contract, before really getting to know me to see if we were a good fit for each other first.

After a brief casual conversation, they would be absolutely certain they could have a huge monumental impact on my businesses, and we hadn’t even touched on things like debt to equity ratios, pricing policies, cash flow projections, or the operating profit margins that were currently being achieved.

So as you can imagine, I was somewhat sceptical, and usually hesitant as to whether we were the right fit. 

Learning from the experience enabled me to help others

I figured that with over two decades of experience in small business and corporate management, surely there was a way to address these significant shortcomings in the market place.

This formed the very premise that I have built upon, to stand firm as a professional Business and Performance Coach, that delivers a results based service for my clients.

I know first hand, that a business owner can’t afford to take massive risks that drain their cash flow, handing over their hard earned dollars in the pursuit of chasing their wishes and dreams, with no guarantee of a return. 

So I started doing things a little bit differently

I wanted to find a way to show I had a real vested interest in a client’s success, and assure them that I also had some skin in the game for their long term success. 

Before entering into any ongoing consultancy program, all clients undergo a detailed assessment. This is a get to know each other process, where together we conduct an in depth gap analysis across your entire business, and ensure that before we commit with you to any form of ongoing arrangement, that we can deliver far more value over this time, than the cost of our service.

A methodology that really does work

Our clients love the structured approach we deliver, and options to links payment terms to the results being achieved!

With a unique blend of business acumen and expertise in human behaviour, you get down to earth, actionable, and effective strategies, that will help grow your businessincrease revenue, and improve profits over the duration of our relationship. 

Whilst it’s very easy to just focus on the numbers and help clients to achieve greater success in their business, the most satisfying result is seeing the visible changes and long lasting effects where they reduces their stress levels, become happier people, and achieve better balance with their business and Lifestyle choices.

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